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Thanksgiving 2013 day is on the 28ths of Nov this year and it will be a public holiday for state employees in the United States. Celebrated for giving thanks and receive the blessing for the harvest, it has a vaste cultural and religious significance in the USA. It was belieevd that Thanksgiving day was a off peak day for shopping due to the holiday and people preferred to stay with family and celebrate at home. But Thanksgiving 2013 is not like that as it has gained a huge commercial popularity and marketers have turned the off peak day into one of the greatest shopping event in the USA. Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday which is a big shopping fiesta where hundreds of retailers around the country offer their best deals known as the Black Friday 2013 Deals.

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Most of the Black Friday 2013 sales will start on the Thanksgiving day and major outlets will be open for up to 35hours non stop. Thanskgiving sales are popular for the big discounts on a large range of products. To accentuate further the effect of Black Friday 2013 sales, you will also have teh cyber monday 2013 sales prgrammed for the 2nd of December of this year. Cyber monday will bring the Thanksgiving sales a little bit firther by offering online sales offers. Amazon, Best Buy, Kmart, NewEgg will offer great deals during these three shopping phases starting with the Thanksgiving 2013 sales. However, you do not need for the Thanks Giving day celebration to start your sales as they also offer pre-black friday promotions on a wide range of products.

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Thanksgiving 2013
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